SOUL Sailing on Sailstice Sunday!

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July 18, 2018 by Monica

Captains, crew, and new and experienced sailors enjoyed SOUL Sailing's first Summer Sailstice celebration, on Sailstice Sunday, June 24.

'Our original sail date was Saturday, but Mother Nature had another plan so we had to reschedule to our rain date...'

Sunday delivered variable sailing conditions, ranging from 'there’s-barely-enough wind to there-might-be-almost-too-much wind', and kept the crew on their toes as they hosted newcomers and regulars for free 45-minute sails aboard the sailboats Ruby Dill and Betty Lou.

SOUL Sailing Sailstice

The day catered for all ages, and participants enjoyed a hands-on introduction to the art of sailing through both on-the-water and on-land experiences such as knot tying and line tossing lessons,
SOUL Sailing Pirate  

and a cleat-work practice board.
SOUL Sailing Cleat Board

The American Sailing Association (ASA) affiliate school, which sails out of of Harlem Yacht Club on New York's City Island, was very happy with the outcome of their first annual celebration.

'Everyone seemed to have a wonderful time connecting with new friends, and, for a few, connecting with a brand new love of sailing. Exactly what we were hoping for!'
SOUL Sailing Family   SOUL Sailing Underway

The youngest sailors were given a gold coin which they traded for a special surprise from SOUL's "pirate treasure box".  
'Needless to say, we sent out sailors and got back pirates!'

It appears some of the pirates were eager to learn as much as they could about sailing. A new career blossoming perhaps? 
SOUL Sailing Reading
'He LOVES sailing so I think we'll see some more of him.'

SOUL Sailing Waving SOUL Sailing Captain

The photos alone tell us that SOUL Sailing's first Summer Sailstice was a huge success, and we're looking forward to seeing what instore for 2019.

'It was a great first year participating and we're already making notes of plans for next year!' 


Send us your photos and stories so we can share them with the Sailstice community of global sailors. And while you're at it, save the date for Summer Sailstice 2019 - June 22.

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