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The American Sailing Association was founded in 1983 with a simply stated mission: to teach people to sail safely and confidently. To achieve that goal, the ASA set out to establish standards against which to measure a sailor’s level of knowledge and skill, the first such unified standards in the U.S. to apply to sailors in keelboats.

Today, the ASA is an association of sailing schools, charter companies, professional sailing instructors, and sailors, with over 300 affiliated sailing schools located throughout the U.S., as well as in Europe, Japan, Central America, Taiwan, China, and other far eastern countries. These accredited schools offer ASA certification to individuals who meet the requirements for a given level. To date ASA schools have certified nearly half a million sailors!

The ASA system has eight primary levels of student certification from Basic Keelboat all the way to Offshore Passagemaking. Whether your goal is to skipper a bareboat charter in the Caribbean or to crew confidently on a short weekend sail, the ASA’s sailing-education system will guide you as you learn the theory behind sailing, practice the skills needed to handle a sailboat, and build the foundation of knowledge that will enable you to navigate a vessel safely and within the law.

By establishing national standards for sailing education, the ASA has provided a way for more people to take part in the sport safely, with the proper training and respect for their responsibilities as boaters, ensuring that sailing will be safer, smarter, and more fun for everybody.

ASA Sailing Challenge

ASA’S Sailing Challenge is a cutting-edge, mobile gaming app designed as a fun learning aid to help illustrate the principles of sailing in a rich interactive and entertaining format.

Download ASA’s Sailing Challenge mobile app and take control of the tiller in one hand and the mainsheet in the other, and sail off on a virtual sea of fun. Download Now

ASA Certification

The importance of ASA Sailing Certification

ASA Sailing Certification was born out of a clear need for a nationally accepted system of sailing instruction with a uniform curriculum, based on an agreed upon set of standards of sailing proficiency for students and instructors.

ASA Sailing Certification gives you the knowledge and experience to be confident and safe on all your sailing adventures

– whether you charter a boat from a local harbor, go on an exotic sailing vacation, or even buy your own boat. Learn More

ASA Textbooks

ASA Text Books

ASA’s textbooks are considered “best in class”. They are the most comprehensive education and boating safety learn-to-sail guide and are also the official textbooks for the ASA Certifications. Incorporated in the textbooks are useful illustrations and exceptional photographs of complex sailing concepts. The text’s most distinguishing feature is its user friendly “spreads” in which instructional topics are self-contained on opposing pages throughout the books. Buy Now

Instructional Videos

ASA Sailing Made Easy

ASA’s online instructional videos teach you how to trim sails, heave-to, use winches, return to the dock, tie knots, and more.
Watch Now

Want to sail Summer Sailstice with an ASA school? 
SOUL Sailing, NY is offering free 45-minutes sails on Eastchester Bay to help you "get a feel for what sailing has to offer." SOUL Sailing students enjoy hands learning under the guidance of ASA Certified Instructor, Captain Dave Jenkins. 'We recognize that everyone learns at their own pace and we work to tailor the experience of sailing to the various levels of familiarity and comfort of our students.' - Capt. Dave Jenkins.

Modern Sailing School & Club, Sausalito, CA is hosting a weekend of sailing and fun. Modern Sailing members and up to two of their guests are invited to take part in two Club Sails on Saturday, June 23rd followed by a complimentary BBQ, and an evening sail from 5 - 9pm, and a Club Sail on Sunday. Modern Sailing Club & School has been introducing people ot sailing since 1983. Even if you've never set foot on a boat, the three-time winner of ASA's 'Outstanding School of the Year' award can help you build a strong foundation in sailing.

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