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May 9, 2018 by Monica Grant

SOUL Sailing, New York has signed up for Summer Sailstice to bring the art of sailing to the world.

By joining the new partnership between Summer Sailstice and Gold Sponsor, American Sailing Association (ASA), the ASA affiliate school is set to introduce people from all walks of life to the joys of sailing. 

SOUL Sailing

'At SOUL Sailing, we believe that anyone can learn to sail.' 

The school's founders, Dave and Kate, introduce their students to sailing aboard traditionally rigged “Ruby Dill” a Colgate 26 and the day-sailer, “Betty Lou”, a Pearson Ensign 22. Students enjoy a hands on approach under the guidance of ASA Certified Instructor, Captain Dave Jenkins who fell in love with sailing aboard small wooden boats while attending Tabor Academy, MA.

Ruby Lou
Betty Lou

This June, Capt. Dave and Kate are inviting everyone to 'get a feel for what sailing has to offer' by joining SOUL Sailing's Summer Sailstice celebrations. Starting from the docks of one of the USA's oldest yacht clubs, the Harlem Yacht Club at the western end of Long Island Sound, SOUL Sailing will spend the day taking new and want-to-be sailors for leisurely sails in Eastchester Bay. 'We'll also have nautically themed games and challenges on land so be sure to come and check us out!'

  Eastchester Bay Chart   SOUL 3

'We recognize that everyone learns at their own pace and we work to tailor the experience of sailing to the various levels of familiarity and comfort of our students.'

Ruby Dill
Ruby Dill

That's why SOUL Sailing students are encouraged to ask questions and 'learn by doing', in a safe and relaxed environment. 

And that's why if you're going to be in New York this June you should take yourself along to the Harlem Yacht Club and get on board to experience the art of sailing with SOUL. You'll be happy you did!

SOUL Sailing logo

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