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How to Plan and Organize your Summer Sailstice Event -
1. Choose the Type of Event:
From the Sailing/Events page select 'Create an Event or Plan'.

Host a race, cruise, rally, open house or whatever you like. If it's a members only event (maybe a race, cruise or regatta) and you're not inviting public participation select 'Demonstration'.  If you're hosting a club open house or any event similar and inviting the general public select 'Public'.

For Example:
Race: Cleveland Race Week or J/Fest Seattle (Demo Event)

Club Raft Up: Clinton Sailing Club Raft Up (Demo Event)

Club Open House: Saratoga Lake Sailing Club Open House (Public Invited)

2. Let Everyone Know:
Did you know that we have lots of downloadable artwork and prewritten content that you can use to promote your event? Take a look at the 'Organize an Event' page and follow the links to access everything you need. And if by chance we don't have what you need, let us know and we can probably create it for you. 

3. Find Out Who's Coming:
When you create your Event, you'll see an column on the right side of your published event page. Send your Event page's url to your club members, friends and guests, and let them know they can RSVP directly to your event. That way everyone can see who's coming and be inspired to join them!

4. Get your crew decked out in Summer Sailstice swag:
Summer Sailstice 2019 T-shirts, Hats and Burgees are available online, and we offer discounts for Bulk Orders.

Check out the full range and place your order

5. Get involved and enter a contest...

Win a Forecast Package from Weather Routing Inc:

All you have to do is have your club's Summer Sailstice event on the Summer Saisltice global map and you're in the running to win the following package:

1. Forecasts throughout the event and an outlook provided before the event. 
2. Forecast maps included with the forecasts.
3. account for the event for organizers
4. trials for participants

Weather Routing Inc. is also giving away 5 x individual Forecast Packages for sailors to use at any time after the Summer Sailstice weekend. Learn more...


Win a case of SailKote from Team McLube: 

Enter 'The Best RSVP List' contest, sponsored by Team McLube

All you need to do is be Signed up for Summer Sailstice 2019, add your sailing Event and invite your participants to RSVP. The Event with the most Summer Sailstice registered RSVPs wins! Full Details Here. 


Are you an American Sailing Association (ASA) school?
Summer Sailstice and ASA have partnered to invite all ASA schools around the world to join the annual celebration of sailing. By participating in the joint Summer Sailstice-ASA promotion sailing schools have the opportunity to receive additional exposure and coverage promoting their particular school to the global sailing community. Learn more...

Include these fun options and Contests to your event plans -

Navionics is inviting you to help enhance the charts for the waters on which you sail. In return, Navionics will give you up to four Navionics+ Charts - that's $800 value, just for doing what you're already doing! You don't have to go anywhere different, simply sail as you have planned for Summer Sailstice and log your movements with Navionics' Sonar Chart Events program. Learn how it works...

'Summer Sailstice 2019 Raft Up' contest -
Sailing is fun, we all know that, and sometimes it's even more fun simply hang out with other sailors, and what's the best 'salty' way to do this? A raft up of course!
Organize a Raft up as part of your Summer Sailstice event, take a photo or two and send them in to enter the 'Summer Sailstice 2019 Raft Up' contest. 

Need More Crew? Try Crew Connection:
This is the page to go to to find new crew or crewing opportunities. Connect with sailors and want-to-be sailors anywhere and everywhere. Go to Crew Connection.

Want to reduce your event's impact on the ocean? Organize a Clean Regatta:
Summer Sailstice partner, Sailors for the Sea (SFTS) has created the ultimate guide to helping reduce our impact on the waters we love to sail. By implementing any or all of SFTS's '25 Best Practices' you will be taking part in caring for the world's oceans and waterways Plus, if your event qaulifies as a 'Clean Regatta', SFTS will send a Sailors for the Sea burgee and a subscription to their magazine, Ocean Watch. Find out more.

A colossal ‘sea of plastic’ stretching for miles has been found floating in the Caribbean.

Make sure no sailors are left ashore and no sails left unfurled on Summer Sailstice weekend.
Join the world and get your club fleet out sailing locally and we'll all celebrate globally. 

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