Keep Your Summer Sailing Alive This Fall

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September 19, 2018 by Monica

As the Autumn Equinox approaches and the sun sets on another northern-hemisphere summer, northern sailors may be lamenting the fact that the season of seemingly, endless daylight is coming to a close, and along with it the salty joy of sailing under a warm sky and (mostly) friendly winds. For the lucky ones, the change in seasons simply means pulling on heavier foulweather gear and coming home to the slip in the dark, but for many sailors it signifies the end of the sailing season entirely and the begining of long hours spent dreaming of being back on the water. 

We can't change the seasons, but perhaps we can help make the winter months a little brighter by giving you some ideas and inspiration about how to make the most of your sailing off-season:

1. Subscribe to a sailing Magazine - We all know how much sailors love to read about and look at photos of sailing and sailboats, and what better way to spend the potentially dreary days of winter than browsing through the glossy pages of a fun-packed sailing magazine. There are lots to choose from which could make it tricky, so here are some suggestions to get you started - SpinSheet, Cruising Outpost, Blue Water Sailing, Ocean Navigator, Good Old Boat, 48 North, Latitude 38, Ontario Sailor, Seahorse Magazine, and if you're into sailing with music you might enjoy Ukulele Magazine. All the magazines are available in print and online subscription, so you can choose which ever format you prefer.

2. Plan your 2019 Passages and/or Day-sails - If you're anything like most sailors, you will have a list longer than your boat of the places you would like to, but haven't yet sailed. Whether it's exploring that cute little cove you always cruise past, an overnight journey to a secluded anchorage or perhaps a longer trip offshore, now is a good time to put those ideas onto paper and begin turning them into your 2019 sailing plans. Write them down, put a chart on the wall and fill it with colored pins or dots, stick photos on your fridge, your desktop. Whatever it takes, start now and make your plans real!

3. Update your Charts - Now that you have some exciting plans in mind for next season, make sure you're up to date with the latest information for all the voyages you'll be taking and locations you'll be visiting. Summer Sailstice supporter, Navionics has thousands of marine charts for lakes, rivers, and oceans. Get a chart now and you will have access to port plans, safety depth contours, marine services, tides & currents and navigation aids, and daily updates. While we're on the topic of charts, you might also like to set up a Predict Wind subscription for your on-the-go weather updates. You'll have access to hourly predictions for localized areas as small as one square kilometer. And to enable your landlocked friends and family to follow and envy your summer sailing adventures you could sign up for iBoatTrack, which will enable them to follow your journey - anywhere in the world.
Navionics Charts

4. Work on your Boat - Most boats in the very northern waters need to be hauled-out over the winter, providing an excellent opportunity for everyone's favorite boat-job, bottom painting. Summer Sailstice supporter Pettit Paint has all the knowledge, experience, products and service you'll need to get your bottom cleaned up and looking pretty again. They even deliver to far-away locations, so you have no excuse to spend next summer sailing with a grubby bottom. Of course you might be working above the waterline too and looking at ratty lines, missing winches, worn out duffels or any one of dozens of other item that need to be repaired or replaced. In this case, remember to take a look at our prize page and see what our sponsors and partners have to offer - we'd love you to support the businesses that support Summer Sailstice. 

5. Make a Paper Boat (or a fleet of paper boats) - The first time Hungarian sailor, Salty Priest, signed up to celebrate Summer Sailstice his sailing plans fell through, but that didn't stop him from celebrating. Instead of getting 'on' a boat, he 'made' a boat, from paper. Take a look at this cool video he sent us:

When you can't go sailing...

6. Send us a story about your summer Sailing adventures - As we mentioned, all sailors love to look at pictures of sailboats and read sailing stories, so why not let them read yours. We'd love to hear about your boat, where you sailed, who you sailed with, and we're even interested in your sailing background - how, where, when and why you started sailing. And of course we want to know how you celebrated Summer Sailstice. Remember to include a photo or two so we can post your story on our website and share with sailors everywhere! If you're not sure what to write, take a browse through our News page and read other sailors' stories - Click here for the News page.

7. Sign up for Summer Sailstice 2019 - And be in the running to win a SailStep for your boat - Signing up now for Summer Sailstice 2019 is a great way to beat the end of summer blues. (You can make your next summer's sailing plans at the same time - see items 2 and 3 above. 
Here’s a quick three point plan to make it easy for you-
1. Log in to to register your participation for 2019. Remember, you have to reregistered for each year to be eligible for the prizes.
2. Go to and add your Plan or Event to our map. It doesn't matter if you don't yet know how you will celebrate, just sign up, put the date on your calendar - June 22, 2019, and the details will follow.
3. Share the news with your family, friends, club members, and community! You can use our pre-written content at to create your newsletter or email blast. Include the link to your event page and invite everyone to RSVP. 

Sign up before 5pm (PT) on October 10, 2019 and you will be in the drawing for a portable boarding step from SailStep.

This should be enough to keep you busy and help chase away any 'end-of-summer-sailing blues'.

Oh, and here's a handy fun-fact - the sun sets faster on and around the Equinox, so if you're planning a sunset sail this weekend, don't be late!

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