Celebrate Summer Sailstice in Texas with Mantus Anchors, and Many Others!

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May 22, 2017 by Monica

Where, and with who will you be sailing on June 24 this year?

Summer Sailstice supporter, Mantus Anchors is hosting a Summer Sailstice celebration in Galveston Bay, TX: Mantus Anchors - Sail Galveston Bay and you're invited!

Everyone is welcome to join this casual event in the warm winds and waters of Galveston Bay.

"Grab a friend, Grab a Boat and let's go SAILING!!" -These guys produce excellent anchors, so maybe you can get some tips while you're out there!


Have you ever seen a Rooster sail? I haven't, but if you go along to Teresa's Rooster Launch and Sail, you'll see three of them taking off from the shores of Texas, or Oklahoma Lakes. Teresa and Michael have been restoring and sailing Rooster Class Sailboats for many years. Teresa's father, Commodore (U.S. Navy) Michael P. Smith, originally designed the boats in Jamestown, R.I., and last year Teresa was a winner the Restore a Small Sailboat Competition, which this year has become the RESTORE AN 'OLD' SAILBOAT contest. Go along and see the roosters fly, you might come away wanting your own!


And then there's the 4th Annual LCYC Unsanctioned Summer Sailstice and Rum Tasting PartyThese pirates like to party and have organized a day full of "fun, food and frivilous activity", as well as sailing of course. And at the end of the day it gets serious - the rum tasting begins. 

So if you're a pirate or a wanna-be pirate, check out this event, it might be for you!


Bayside Sailing Club is hosting the Pre Summer SAILstice Raft-up Party Lake Ray Hubbard. Dallas Race week is on the weekend of June 23rd & 24th, so these sailors are getting a head start! You're invited to join the party and BYOB and share a favorite dish event, and have fun in the sun and all the frivolity that goes with it!
'Come join us!'

If you want to find more events and see what everyone's up to, go to the Summer Sailstice Events Page, and if you haven't yet, Sign up and add your own!


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