Who Won the 2018 Summer Sailstice Raft up Contest?

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August 17, 2018 by Monica

This year's Raft up Contest entrants submitted a range of interesting photos, and in keeping with the novelty concept we've awarded prizes to the following photos:

West Coast Multihulls' aerial shot of their 2018 Raft up wins this year's First Prize

WestCoast Multihulls by Kim Dumas

Kim Dumas is the brave photographer who was hoisted up high to get this great shot. West Coast Multihulls celebrated with a Catamaran Sail on San Diego Bay & Picnic at Glorietta Bay, on a day which turned out to be cloudy and chilly but with great sailing winds. "Everyone had a blast!" And in this case, 'Everyone' was 40 people! Nice work West Coast Multihulls.

Second Prize is awarded to Lake Canyon Yacht Club's 'Pirate's Progress' - 

Lake Canyon Yacht Club - Pirate's Progress

The lower half of the photo above shows the Texas sailors' 2017 Raft up. It's not that no one came, rather the Raft up part of their Summer Sailstice celebration was cancelled due to the forecast of rough conditions from nearby thunderstorms. This year's Summer Sailstice (top half of photo) celebrations were enjoyed by the full crew of LCYC pirates, and despite the rain and 45 mph wind gusts the sailors enjoyed a buffet lunch before rafting up and then heading back to shore for their "annual Rum (and/or Tequila) Tasting Event".

Third Prize is won by Melanie Klass's photo of 'Rafting up Alabama Style' with Back Bay Sailing Adventures -

Raft up Alabama Style - Back Bay Sailing Adventures

These daring sailors enjoyed a day of sailing before rafting up on Ingrams Bayou, AL for their first, annual 'JAWS IN JUNE'. "We will all be inside the circle floating for the movie."

JAWS IN JUNE involved floating on big blow-ups inside the Raft up cirlce, while watching the iconic 70s movie, JAWS. I'm pretty sure I would have kept my fingers and toes inside the blow-up that night. Scary stuff!!! 

Congratulations to all the winners, and the JAWS IN JUNE survivors... 

Here are your prizes - 

First Prize: EasyStow 'Extra-Long' FenderSchaefer Marine Winch HandlePirates Lair Mt Gay Flask, 1-year Cruising Outpost Magazine subscriptionNavionics+ 2GB Chart

Second Prize: Schaefer Marine Winch HandlePirates Lair Mt Gay Flask, 1-year Cruising Outpost Magazine subscriptionNavionics+ 2GB Chart

Third Prize: Pirates Lair Mt Gay Flask, 1-year Cruising Outpost Magazine subscriptionNavionics+ 2GB Chart


If you'd like to participate in next year's Summer Sailstice and enter the Raft up Contest, put the date into your calendar and Sign up now - June 22, 2019.

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