S/V "Hula Girl" Shows Off Her New Ukulele!

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November 7, 2016 by Monica

To John Arndt and the entire Summer Sailstice crew, I would like to thank you for awarding me 1st prize in the Shanty Competition and 2nd prize in the Video Competition.  


Jody practicing her Ukulele skills.


I appreciate all of the prizes I received, especially my Kala Brand, Waterman Ukele!   It is the perfect addition to our S/V “Hula Girl”, a 2004 Sabre 425. I had a great time organizing our motley crew to get footage, and they did too!

Point Yacht Club 'Sea Shanty Competition' Entry - by Jody Horner

The Award Winning Sea Shanty


We have had such fun over the last years 9 years celebrating the annual Summer Sailstice event here on the Gulf Coast of Alabama and Florida. It all started in 2008, when our dear friend, John Vreeland, called us from California and asked what we were doing that weekend.  We said we were going sailing all day and then anchoring out for the night.  That is when he told us about how his friend, John Arndt, had started this thing called “Summer Sailstice”, and that we should go out and celebrate.  Always up for a party, we said sure, we can do that!  Although it was short notice, we managed to round up another boat and proceeded to have our own “Summer Sailstice” event, not really knowing what it was all about.  A fun time was had, and we decided then and there, that the next year we would organize a proper celebration.


A sample of S/V Hula Girl's Summer Sailstice Burgee Collection.


Over the years, our event has grown steadily.  It started as 1 day, then 2 days, and now it is a 3-day, fun-filled weekend where we sail, swim, eat, drink, and play on the beach at the beautiful Gulf Islands National Seashore near Pensacola, FL.  We are members of the Point Yacht Club in Josephine, AL and Summer Sailstice is now on the club's annual calendar of scheduled events. We invite all of the area Yacht Clubs, as well as friends and family to come out and play with us.  It never disappoints!


Point Yacht Club's Summer Sailstic 2015 celebration.


My husband, John, and I met in New Orleans in 1978, while in college.  This is also where we met John Vreeland, who has remained a true friend throughout the years.  In 2015, he , his wife, Therese, and daughter, Story, decided it was time to visit us and check out our scene and our boat.  What better weekend to do this, but on Summer Sailstice!  So much fun was had.  The funniest thing was that the Arndt’s were watching their dog, “Ranger”, while they were in Alabama celebrating his global event.  It is not a small world, it is just a big neighborhood!


Jody and John Horner aboard Hula Girl.


We have owned “Hula Girl”, since 2007 and currently do a lot of coastal cruising in our area.  She is slipped at “Pirate’s Cove” a funky little bar and restaurant off the Intracoastal Canal in Josephine, Alabama.   Best cheeseburgers on the planet!  If you are ever in our area, stop in for the day.  You may find yourself staying for days, weeks, months…..  so many do!


We plan on heading south in the near future.  Down the east coast of Florida, then the Bahamas, then who knows.  It’s been the plan since we married in 1982.  We finally got the boat. Now it’s time to set sail!


Keep up the good work, John Arndt and crew.  It is a great thing you started.  We will continue celebrating SS wherever we may be! 


All the best,


Jody and John Horner

S/V Hula Girl


And what was Jody's response to my request for a video performance featuring her new Ukulele?....   


"I am afraid I need more practice before I can send a video!  Still photos will have to do.  Maybe in the future!



Well Jody, you have nearly 8 months left before Summer Sailstice 2017. That's plenty of time to practice for the next round of competitions. We'll be looking forward to your entry!


A big thank you to Summer Sailstice supporter, Kala Brand Music for donating the brilliant Waterman Ukuleles!


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