Life Under Sail - Exploring Why We Sail

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May 23, 2016 by John A

We recently spent a couple of days touring and sailing around San Francisco Bay for a high school senior video project with Colby Marsh to explore the question why we sail and why it's worth celebrating.  The result is a terrific compilation of thoughts, scenes, tall ship and small ship perspectives sharing a bit more of the wonderful life that is sailing. 

More on the video:

Colby Marsh grew up in Idaho and, for a number of years, cruised the Bahamas aboard his family's Tartan 40 'Asolare' while being home schooled.  He spent his most recent summer teaching sailing at the Pleasant Bay Community Sailing and is headed off to college in the fall.

If you're inspired you can sign up and sail here.  If you don't have a boat check out the Crew Connection or see if there's an Event Near You.

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