LDYC Sailing Shifty Winds this Summer

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March 22, 2018 by Monica Grant

Lake Delta Yacht Club (LDYC) is looking forward to shifty winds for its 14th annual Summer Sailstice celebration this June. 
"The usual crew and hopefully some new sailors will turn out to sail...our Lightning Fleet of 10 or so usually joins in and of course any other type of sailing vessel is invited!"

This year marks LDYC's 14th Summer Sailstice event - a tradition which it seems is as entrenched within the club as its nearly decade-long history. 

Since 2005 the club has been gathering its members and guests and bringing everyone together in celebration of sailing, and each year they seem to have as much fun (if not more) as the previous year. 

Join us on a stroll through the Sailstice archives for Lake Delta Yacht Club's Summer Sailstice history...

Lake Delta Yacht Club celebrates Summer Sailstice 2005.

LDYC Fleet
LDYC fleet enjoying the summer breeze.

LDYC HulaDudes
A bit of after-sail partying perhaps?

LDYC Summer Sailstice pirates
Can't keep pirates away from a Summer Sailstice celebration.

LDYC Sunfish
Gotta love the Sunfish.

Still celebrating.


Sign up, add your sailing plans and celebrate with us and with Lake Delta Yacht Club!

Summer Sailstice 2018

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