Lake Canyon YC hosts 2018's first Sailstice Celebration!

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June 18, 2018 by Monica

Lake Canyon Yacht Club, TX has taken out the honor of hosting 2018's first recorded Summer Sailstice celebration

These pirates are no strangers to partying when the Sailstice comes around and by the look of the photos from their 5th annual Summer Sailstice celebration, everyone had a great time!

Despite the rain, and the wind gusting at 45 mph the salty crew enjoyed a buffet lunch before rafting up and then heading back to shore for their "annual Rum (and/or Tequila) Tasting Event".

It looks like the Tasting Event resulted in some happy winners but we have to ask, "Why are their bottles only half full?"

Lake Canyon Yacht Club

Lake Canyon Yacht Club

Lake Canyon YC 3

Lake Canyon YC 2


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