Getting Sail-Ready!

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March 9, 2016 by Monica Grant

First up we welcome back, Peek Polish. Peek is a long-time supporter of Summer Sailstice and has this year again donated their excellent polish. Did you know that Peek Polish is one of only a few companies to be granted the ‘Royal Warrant’ from Buckingham Palace?  Peek cleans, polishes, protects, and it restores materials to their original shine - metals, fibreglass and plastics, Perspex, Eisenglass, mirrors, clouded glass and crystal, leaded glass, ceramics and ceramic tile, porcelain, enamel, granite, marble, laminates and Formica, linoleum, plastic convertible windows, plastics, Plexiglas, Lexan, acrylic, powder coating, auto and aircraft paint (to remove stains and buff out surface scratches), solid vinyl, polyurethane, and Pyrex. Peek has developed a reputation for being easy to use, with its wipe-on wipe-off formula pleasing even Mr. Miyagi! But why wait? Order a can now and polish up your boat in preparation for Summer Sailstice. 

Now that the cleaning is done, how about some new mats to protect your teak?

We welcome aboard California based company, Cape Hatteras Marine, which has donated 5 x personalized Boarding Mats. Cape Hatteras Marine specializes in high-quality personalized, and innovative boating products and accessories. Wether you want boat mats, custom fender covers, embroidered and printed Polo shirts, T-shirts, jackets and caps, totes, duffels, towels and blankets or a host of other items, the Cape Hatteras crew will help you create your own unique style. This innovative team has been producing and distributing products for boats and boaters since 1999, so you can be sure they’ve got the skills and experience to look after you. We only offer the best of the best in each category and product type. Our staff of experienced boaters has put all our products to the test and we stand behind everything we sell. It’s all about product performance and value. Looking good doesn’t hurt either!”  So there you have it from the experts themselves. Sign up to make sure you’re in the drawing for one of these Boarding Mats, and then go take a look to see the other great gear available at Cape Hatteras Marine.

So your boat is clean, shiny and decked out with all the best accessories, what’s next?  Pack your gear and go sailing of course, and here are some prizes to help you do just that-

Ronstan International has come on board for Summer Sailstice, and we welcome this well known reputable company as it offers some quality prizes and helps us celebrate sailing worldwide - The Stainless Steel Clear Start™ Watch, the 55L Weatherproof Crew Bag, and the 26L Roll-Top Weatherproof Backpack. All three prizes are manufactured specifically for sailors using the same standards of quality as Ronstan applies to its development of innovative hardware. "The challenge of producing top-end, innovative hardware to satisfy the extreme demands of racing conditions has led to many of the technical breakthroughs that have put us on top. We continue to actively participate in the promotion of sailing, both for pleasure and competition, and many of our staff are active sailors themselves.” Take a look at the rest of Ronstan’s hardware and accessories for sailors!

Now we get to the ‘funnest’ (I made that word up) part of sailing, the planning and the doing.  Chesapeake Bay Magazine is on board to help sailors get the most out of their East Coast experience, with their donation of  6 cruising guides and booksGuide to Cruising Chesapeake Bay, Destination Chesapeake, and their newest publication, the 2016 Atlantic Coast & ICW Planning and Facilities Guide. Chesapeake Bay Magazine has been at the forefront of guides to the Chesapeake region for many years, and now they’re offering even more with the guide to the ICW which covers boating from Main right through to Florida! Follow the links above and take a look at these great publications, it might pay to get hold of one now so you can start planning a fun summer of sailing, and of course, your Summer Sailstice celebrations. 

A not-to-be-missed part of preparation is reading about other sailors’ experiences. Adlard Coles Nautical is donating eight classic sailing titles for this year’s Summer Sailstice sailors - World Cruising Routes, The Marine Art of Geoff Hunt, Dream Cruising Destinations, Yachting Monthly's Confessions, Resuce Pilot, Knots & Splices, Dag Pike's Cruising Under Power, and Adlard Coles Nautical Quiz Book. The publishing company was founded in 1947 by Kaines Adlard Coles, a Championship yachtsman, and author of many books on sailing and cruising. Today Adlard Coles Nautical publishes almanacs, cruising guides, pilot books and how-to instruction books, as well as large format photographic books, sailing narratives and sea-related reference, maritime history, humour and trivia books. So many to choose from, so little time to read, unless of course you go sailing. So you know what you need to do right?

Sign up for Summer Sailstice, share your sailing plans and throw off those dock lines in celebration of what has to be one of the most enjoyable pastimes ever created - Sailing.

’til next time…   Monica :)

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