Discover Why Our Navionics Prize Winner Are So Happy!

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August 29, 2017 by Monica Grant

Are you one of the lucky people who won a prize from Navionics this year? Take a look at why those who did are so happy with their prizes.

Summer Sailstice is all about sailing, and Navionics has been very helpful in keeping sailors safe on the water, particularly since the Summer Sailstice weekend! Navionics is a longtime Summer Sailstice supporter, and this year alone has donated over $5000 in Marine Charts and Boating Apps for prize winners. 

 And here’s some more great news… 

As part of their ongoing mission to create the most up to date and enhanced products, Navionics recently added new Nautical Chart mapping on 26 lakes across the US to their already impressive line up of hundreds of locations. 

Here’s the full press release about the new mapping: 

Navionics Press Aug '17

If you weren’t one of this year’s lucky winners, and if you haven’t used Navionics before, you can actually try it out with a 2-week trial. You just need to go to Navionics' website and follow the instructions. 

Though don’t just take my word for it, have a look at what some of this year’s winners have said about Navionics: 

Tom from Virginia won the Navionics Boating App

“I have an I-Pad mini and also use Navionics on my android smart phone.
Interesting story regarding Navionics… I used the iPad mini and Navionics USA Canada charts to complete this years Marblehead to Halifax Race on a friend's boat, in July. I had an inkling they might come in handy and bought the package the day before the race. The Navionics charts became essential when we lost our primary instruments and navigation equipment. We had issues with the charging system so we had to rely on Navionics to finish the race and get us into Halifax harbor safely.”

Perry Newson from Michigan won a Navionics 2GB Chart

“This Great! We've been using Navionics charts since our trip up from Florida in 2013.”

Rafe Sigmundstad (this year’s Video Challenge winner) from Fort Peck Sailing Club, in Eastern Montana also won the 2GB Chart and says he uses Navionics to sail on Fort Peck Lake.
“They are the only ones who have mapped this lake.”

And Bill from Massachusetts is thrilled to have won the Navionics App

“I use Navionics App on my IPhone 7s.  My prescription may have expired, therefore, I greatly appreciate winning a membership/upgrade!

Get on board and see for yourself what all the fuss is about. Go to to view the full range of charts and apps available, and then try them out with the 14-day Free Trial.

And while you're online, go to our Home Page and sign up for Summer Sailstice 2018 - June 23...  Just to make sure you're ready!

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