Discover the Great Loop, with a Navionics Webinar

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September 10, 2018 by Monica Grant

Have you ever dreamed of sailing the Great Loop? In the same way that motorcyclists yearn to ride Route 66 from one side of America to the other, for many sailors the Great Loop is an iconic journey that is just waiting to be taken. Whether you start at the top and make your way south or go in the other direction, the Great Loop's rivers, canals, lakes and waterways traverse more than 6,000 miles of North America's heartland and eastern regions. It's a perfect example of a journey's purpose being not about the destination, but about the journey itself.

Having sailed only a comparatively small section of the loop, I don't have enough experience to offer any useful advice. However, I can share with you the fact that just in time for northern based sailors to head south, Navionics is conducting a Webinar specifically for those who wish to sail the Great Loop. Held on September 20, at 7.00pm Eastern Time, the Webinar will be filled with useful information and great tips on what to expect and how to prepare for this epic journey. Waterway Guide's Ed Tillett and America's Great Loop Cruisers' Association's Kim Russo will be online to share their knowledge and experience with you. Mark the date and time in your calendar and register here.

Sailing the Great Loop
This is just a sample of the beauty you will find on the Great Loop's waterways.

Navionics conducts regular Webinars covering a range of topics for sailors, power boaters, fishing enthusiasts and more. You can view the full schedule of upcoming and archived episodes on the Navionics website.

Thank you Navionics for your excellent service and support for the sailing community, and for Summer Sailstice.

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While you're putting dates into your calendar, save the date for next year's Summer Sailstice - June 22, 2019.  Add your plans now!

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