Collect RSVPs for your Event and Win a Summer Sailstice Burgee!

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June 2, 2017 by Monica

A couple of event organizers have been pretty busy promoting their event and encouraging people to RSVP. 

Encinal Yacht Club already has 13 RSVPs, so I guess we owe them a Burgee!


Ninnescah Sailing Association is hot on their heel with 10 RSVPs, so I expect they're getting a burgee too!
These events are getting close:
And Gulfstream Sailing Club's annual cruise to Stiltsville
and Hampton Roads Fleet 30's Sunset Salute
...all have 3 RSVPS. Can you do better? 
We'll be checking back late next week to see how everyone is doing, and if you have 5 or more RSVPs, we'll be sending you a Summer Sailstice 2017 burgee from North Sails
If for some reason you can't see the RSVP section on your event page, let us know and we'll help sort it out. And remember to check out our pre-written copy, art work and posters that you can download and use to help spread the word about your event.  Ready? Set? Go...

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