Are you a Winner and Don't Know It?

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August 23, 2018 by Monica Grant

Congratulations to all of this year's prize winners, and a big Thank You to all the Companies, Businesses, Organizations and Individuals that made Summer Sailstice 2018 possible!

The major Prize Draw and Contests are now completed and we want to ensure that everyone who has won, knows about it!  Over the past month or so we've been sending emails all over the place to notify the winners. Perhaps you're one of them and haven't heard the great news?

As per our Terms of Use we're doing our best to reach all prize winners, but if we don't hear from you within two weeks of notification we may award the prize to another Summer Sailstice participant. We know that emails do sometimes get lost, get caught up in junk and if your email address has changed, they may even disappear into cyber space. Or maybe you've just been out sailing and haven't check your emails in a while - this is of course is the best reason of all to miss your notification. 

To try ensure that everyone has the opportunity to collect their prize, we're giving you the list of winners so you can check if you're on it. 

Remember, you may have registered a catchy sailing name like 'Captain Ron', or 'Old Salt'. Whatever it is, if it's on the list and you haven't heard from us check your emails. You're looking for a subject line that says "Summer Sailstice Prize Winner" or a very slight variation thereof. Also check your junk and spam folders. If you still can't see an email from us, let us know by replying to with your registered 'Summer Sailstice name' and current email address. 

Full list of 2018 Winners - image

And if your name's not on the list, sign up now for Summer Sailstice 2019 and put yourself in the running for one of next year's great prizes - June 22, 2019


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