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Every year we are grateful for the support of literally dozens of sponsors and partners who organize events, provide advertising and promotional support, donate prizes and create co-marketing campaigns. From Navionics to Blue Water Sailing Magazine… from North Sails to Vetus Maxwell, these relationships throughout the sailing industry allow us to expand the reach of Summer Sailstice every year and the expand the size of the global sailing community. 

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If you are interested in sponsoring Summer Sailstice or becoming a partner, please contact John Arndt, or Monica Grant.

Featured Gold Sponsors:

ASA - American Sailing Association





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  Pettit Paint

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Ultimate Sailing




Ocean Conservation Partner:

Summer Sailstice celebrates life under sail and, with that, the sailing environment that surrounds us. Sailing's intimate connection to the environment creates a relationship of respect for the sea and it should go without saying we all have a role to play in sustaining it for future generations. For this reason we encourage all participants to contribute funds for miles sailed on Summer Sailstice to Sailors for the Sea. Any amount helps. There are a lot of sailors out there which will make for a great global celebration of sailing and a great contribution to ocean conservation.  

About Sailors for the Sea:

Marine life and vital coastal habitats are straining under the increasing pressure of global use. The ocean, which was once considered inexhaustible and resilient, is, in fact, finite and fragile.  Sailors for the Sea educates and engages the boating community in the worldwide protection of the oceans. The boating community has a profound passion for - and understanding of - the world's seas and Sailors for the Sea was founded to galvanize the sailing and boating community around ocean health issues.

David Rockefeller, Jr., an avid racing sailor and deeply committed to the environment, founded Sailors for the Sea as a direct result of his work on the Pew Oceans Commission that identified profound and alarming ocean health issues. The list of these issues is extensive and includes marine debris, overfishing, habitat alteration and degradation, non-point source pollution, invasive species and inconsistent ocean management policies.

Sailors for the Sea core programs include Clean Regattas, Ocean Watch Essays, Certified Sea Friendly, and Rainy Day Kits. Our nationwide Clean Regattas program assists and certifies yacht clubs and regatta organizers as providing clean events that minimize impacts upon our oceans. {Read More here}.

We are also indebted this year to the following Summer Sailstice sponsors and partners:


48° North the Sailing Magazine     

Adlard Coles Nautical     

ASA - American Sailing Association     

Bainbridge International    


Blue Water Sailing Magazine


Boye Knives    

Cape Hatteras Marine     

CHART Metal Works     

Chesapeake Bay Magazine

Commanders Weather    

Cruising Outpost Magazine      

C. Sherman Johnson Marine Hardware     

Davis Instruments

Doyle Sailmakers      

Easystow Fenders    

Flying Scot     

Good Old Boat Magazine     


GoSun Stoves     

Gowrie Group Marine Insurance     


Helly Hansen

Imtra Corporation                         

Intelligent Maintenance LLC    


Kala Brand Music Co.     

Latitude 38      

Lin & Larry Pardey     

Lunatec Gear

Mariners Insurance

Mantus Anchors  

McGraw-Hill Education    

McLube Marine     

MTI Adventurewear      



New England Ropes    

New Legacy Productions     

North Sails     

Ocean Grafix        

Ocean Navigator       

Offshore Sailing School     

Ontario Sailor Magazine     

Peek Polish

Pettit Paint    

Pirates Lair

Polyform US     


Quantum Sails      

Ronstan US                

Sail America       



Sailors for the Sea


Sally-Christine Rodgers - Convergence: A Voyage Through French Polynesia

Samson Rope        

San Juan Sailing              

Schaefer Marine

Seahorse Magazine        


SpinSheet - Chesapeake Bay Sailors Magazine    

Spiroll Chafe Guards        


Switlik Survival Products       

UK Sailmakers      

Ultimate Sailing  

US Sailing

Vetus Maxwell          

Weems & Plath

West Marine

Wendy Hinman - Author

Whitecaps Marine Outfitters     




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