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July 31, 2018 by Monica

If there's one thing that sailors like, it's up to date chart information. How often have you come across a bouy, rocks, a great mooring, or perhaps a even new dockside restaurant that isn't on your chart? And then you say, "I'll have to remember that one!" Or perhaps you'd like to let your fellow boaters know about what you've discovered. The good news is that doing this is super simple. By using your Navionics Boating App you can add the new information to your your own app, and share it with with other Navionics app users.

The Navionics Boating app comes with a Community Edits layer which allows you and millions of other app users to share local information by adding it directly on your own Boating app! 

Navionics makes 2000 updates everyday with information sourced from official hydrographic services, and private entities, and best of all, sailors like you.  

Navionics Community Edits

Of course you need to have a Navionics Boating app. Maybe you've won one of the 12 x Boating apps Navionics has donated for this year's Summer Sailstice sailors. If you haven't, go to and discover all the great features and then sign up for your own account and app. 

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