Ultimate Sailing

Sharon Green's 30 Years of Ultimate Sailing features over 200 pages of the most thrilling starts, frenzied mark-roundings, triumphant finishes and exhilarating conditions from the Ultimate Sailing Calendar archives, plus never-before-seen images. In scenes honed from roughly one-half-million shots taken over three decades, this handsome and generous coffee table book showcases the best of the best, along with anecdotes and essays by more than one dozen of the world’s most iconic sailing athletes.    

The annual Ultimate Sailing Calendar featuring the highlights of competitive sailing, is eagerly anticipated by yachting and photography enthusiasts worldwide. Filled with the most extreme, exciting, and epic yacht racing images from around the world, the Ultimate Sailing Calendar is over-sized and over-the-top; high gloss and high powered. "The spectacular 18 by 24-inch Ultimate Sailing Calendar is a ‘must have’ for sailors and adrenaline junkies alike."

Ultimate Sailing 2018   Ultimate Sailing back cover

Sharon Green has been capturing electrifying images of performance sailing for more than 30 years, since first picking up a camera in while still in high-school. Sharon has achieved worldwide recognition, with her work being published in major local and international boating publications.

Take a look at this video of Sharon's work day.


"Sailing is a magnificent, colorful and dramatic sport. This unique sport has many variables with the constantly changing elements, sea conditions,boats, events, competitors and locations. The challenge is to capture on film electrifying moments that take your breath away. Those moments and opportunities are very few, but when they happen... it is ultimate sailing."  ~ Sharon Green

Well if this doesn't get you excited enough to Sign Up for Summer Sailstice, I don't know what will. But why wait until June to enjoy the thrill of Sharon Green's work?  Take a look at the whole Ultimate Sailing story and get hold of the ultimate in sailing photography here, you're bound to know someone who would like a copy. 

"Boats and sails continue to change, in an ever-evolving science of design and construction, however some things don’t: the beauty, drama, and intensity of Ultimate Sailing."

Ultimate Sailing

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