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Team McLube is offering a case of Sailkote (that's 12 x spray cans) for Summer Sailstice sailors. For a chance to win, simply sign up and create an event for your club, school, association or even just for you and your friends, then invite everyone to RSVP on your event's Summer Sailstice page. If you win, you'll have 12 spray cans of Sailkote to share. It's that simple!

Take a look at your prize - 

Sailkote is the easy to apply high-tech, high performance dry lubricant that makes sails, hulls, rigging, deck hardware, and anything that moves on your boat run smoother, work more efficiently and last longer than you ever thought possible. Specifically designed for marine use, Sailkote is a translucent liquid that sprays or wipes on and completely dries in seconds resulting in a hard, smooth, ultra-slick, hydrophobic dry coating. So, unlike oils, silicones, and waxes, it will never attract dirt, water and contaminants that eventually degrade lubrication performance.

Team McLube Sailkote

Sailkote is typically five times as effective, and lasts much longer than, wax, oil or Teflon® based lubricants.

“World class” sailors across the globe from maxi-racers to sailboarders are enjoying the benefits of Sailkote's advanced dry lubrication technology. The same dry lubricant technology that has been developed for, and race proven by America's Cup Teams, Olympics Medalists, and One Design World Champions.

Now that you know how badly you want it, here's how to be in the running to get it:

1. Make sure you're Signed up for Summer Sailstice 2019.

2. Go to the Events page and click on Create an event -

3. Create your Event and save, then copy your Event's URL to send to all your club members and friends inviting them to RSVP to your event -


Use our pre-written invitations to save yourself some time, just add your details.

The Event with the greatest number of Summer Sailstice-registered RSVPs is the winner!

The contest closes at midnight on June 21, so get in early to be in the draw for this great prize from Team McLube.

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