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Welcome aboard 2K Yachting! 2K Yachting has donated 3 x digital "Logbook 3.7" and 10 x "Signal Flags Tool" apps for this year's Summer Sailstice sailors.

The Logbook 3.7 is easy to use and compatible with Windows and Mac PCs, and iPad. The Logbook is used by power and sail boat owners and skippers across the globe on both ocean and inland waterways. It works without internet connection, and and can be connected to your onboard GPS to read and enter nautical data automatically. 


Take a look at the free test version to learn more and explore all the features of this handy app. 

The SignalFlag Tool is a great app which shows the meaning and uses of international signal flags. The app uses a combination of images and sounds to explain each flag's purpose, name, international pronunciation, and its associated Morse Code signal. The SignalFlags Tool is available on the Apple app store and Google Play. 



2K Yachting began in 2008 when German sailing enthusiasts, Helmut and Almute Kraus, focused their experience and knowledge on the development of practical navigation electronics for the use in the everyday life of sailors. The couple spent more than 10 years regatta sailing aboard their Dragon before moving on the larger yachts. They each hold Germany's highest sailing certification - the SHS, which is equivalent to RYA's "Yachtmaster."

As well as useful technological navigation products, 2K Yachting has a gallery full of Helmut's stunning nautical images. 

Take a look at 2K Yachting's website and learn more about this innovative, creative group.


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