Watauga Lake Sailstice Raftup 2017

4:00pm, Saturday June 24th, 2017

The solstices roll around every year. Windward's crew celebrates both on the lake, but despite the joys of winter overnights the Summer Sailstice is by far the most popular. Plans for 2017's Summer Sailstice event on Watauga Lake are delightfully nebulous but involve a raftup, BYO dinner, swimming, perhaps a campfire on a nearby beach (weather and site permitting), a relaxed evening and zero drama.

No experience necessary for this family-friendly event! Just bring your smiling face and splendid attitude, something for your dinner and breakfast, whatever you want to drink (and perhaps a titch extra to share) and your overnight gear, plus a couple of fenders and some mooring lines. If you have an anchor and associated tackle handy, bring that along as well. Bored easily? Like to explore? Bring along that dinghy, or kayak, or SUP, or spiffy double secret underwater propulsion device.

You'll probably want a VHF radio (handheld will do), because cell service is limited to non-existent once you are past the bridge, and depending upon interest, participation, weather and personal whim, this year's event may find us east of the bridge.

Contact Jeff Arnfield for details (email address to follow), or hail Windward on VHF 16 when you're on the lake.

Watauga Lake TN
United States
36° 19' 48.0972" N, 82° 4' 9.9768" W
Tennessee US

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