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July 9, 2018 by Monica Grant

Summer Sailstice 2018 contests will soon be closed and we want to be sure that you get your entry in. We've been receiving fun videos and photos from events all over the country and are excited to see yours added to the list.

And for inspiration, here are a couple of entries for this year's Video Challenge and Sea Shanty Shake - 

Lake Canyon Yacht Club's Jolly Roger Pluckers and Summer Sailstice Pirates were busy creating a Video Challenge entry and a Sea Shanty Shake entry. Pay close attention to their version of 'Drunken Sailor', we think they might be trying to win over the judges.

'Drunken Sailor' by the Jolly Roger Pluckers and the Summer Sailstice Pirates

Lake Canyon Yacht Club's "Why we all love the sport of sailing"

Mette Segerblom produced this video for US Sailing's Summer Sailstice at Orange Coast College of Sailing and Seamanship:

Mette Segerblom's 2018 Video Challenge entry

It's time to get cracking and finish off your video, select the best photos, remix your Sea Shanty - whatever you need to do, you have until midnight on July 15 (PT) to submit your entry for this year's contests. We can't wait to see what you got up to for Summer Sailstice 2018!

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