Winners are Grinners - New Sailor Completes Class, and Wins Prize!

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July 21, 2016 by Monica

Vallejo Yacht Club, CA, was the scene of multiple celebrations on June 18, as enthusiastic young sailor, Sterling spent the day completing his 'Introduction to Sailing' class!

To prepare him for his final class, Sterling's grandparents picked him from Glen Cove Marina aboard their Newport 30-2 'EREWHON', and sailed over to the yacht club. Sterling then spent his Summer Sailstice working on his sailing skills and knowledge. 

The result? A resounding 'PASS'. And just like any teenager who has just gained his driving licence, Sterling took the helm and sailed EREWHON and her crew home. 

As these photos show, both Sterling and his family were proud of his achievements. 

Well done Sterling, it seems you're well on your way to becoming a great sailor! And to help you along, we're awarding you a Summer Sailstice participation prize - a $250 Gift Certificate from West Marine

It sounds like Vallejo Yacht Club is a great place to learn to sail. Take a look at their range of sailing courses. You just might want to sign up!

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Your Grandma and I are very proud of your enthusiasm for sailing, Sterling. We'll be happy to sponsor and transport you to Vallejo Yacht Club if you'd like to repeat the class this spring. Maybe your sister Allysen is ready this year, too?

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