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August 28, 2018 by Monica Grant

Do you use Iridium GO! on your sailboat?

iBoatTrack has donated 10 x 1-month memberships to its easy to use boat tracking service, for Summer Sailstice sailors. If you already have an Iridium GO! unit installed on your vessel then you're almost set. All you'll need to do is exchange some information about your SIM card and update a setting in your device and iBoatTrack will enable your family and friends to follow your journey, anywhere in the world.

'The key benefit the service iBoatTrack provides is reliable information in real time to family and friends about our location at sea and that we are safe!' 
- John O'Connor. Turkey to New Zeland, SV/Sapphire.

'As long time users of the iBoatTrack system, we have found it to be incredibly helpful to those left behind to “live vicariously” watching the boat move around the world.' 
- Rona Garm Global Voyage, Cape Fear Yacht Works.

To win, tell us about your favorite sailing journey for 2018. Maybe you sailed to the Caribbean or perhaps you explored the Great Lakes, or maybe your favorite sailing journey was the one you missed out on when your friends sailed to Hawaii and you had to stay ashore, and if they'd been using iBoatTrack you could have joined them from the comfort of your living room!

Whatever it is, tell us in the comments below what has been your favorite sailing journey for 2018 and you could be adding your boat's name to the long list of happy voyagers who share their sailing journeys, with iBoatTrack

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