Who's Doing What for Summer Sailstice?

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May 14, 2018 by Monica Grant

Summer Sailstice 2018 is now just over one month away and sailors are planing all sorts of events for the June 23rd weekend. How will you celebrate? If you're not sure, or even if you have no clue, take a look at what other people will be doing that weekend...

Ed B will be celebrating with family and friends aboard his Catalina 320WK 'Mas Takeela' for an overnight in the 80th Annual Queen's Cup Race. The race will begin on Friday June 22, at South Shore YC, Milwaukee, WI and finish on Sailstice-Saturday at Grand Haven, Michigan.

Carol and her crew aboard their Nonsuch 30 'Might as Well', will be sailing out of Lynn Harbor, Nahant, MA to, "...wherever the wind takes us."
'Might as Well'

The 2debs are planning to set out from Rochester Canoe Club to take the Sunfish out on Irondequoit Bay, nice and early, "...before the motorboats throw up wake waves!"
The 2debs

Barry & Sylvia are racing on a Knarr in the Woodies Invitational at St Francis YC, San Francisco.
Barry & Sylvia

Tom has planned a double celebration with the Grand Lake Sailing Club in Grove, OK - a day of sailing aboard his Precision P-28 'Morningstar', followed by brats and roast corn to celebrate his June 21 birthday.
Tom W
Happy 'Sailstice' Birthday, Tom!

Scott & Carol will be sailing Lake Michigan and practising docking their Catalina 25 Tall Rig 'TOE TIME' at other marinas. "We have not done that yet. We have only been sailing for about 4 years."
Scott & Carol

As you can see, there's no set rule about how to celebrate Summer Sailstice, the only important thing is that you do! So sign up, add your sailing plans, and join these and thousands of sailors across the globe on June 23rd, for the annual celebration of sailing. See you out on the water!
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