What Do You Do When You're Not Sailing?

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September 5, 2018 by Monica Grant

What does a Summer Sailstice sailor do when not sailing? Learn a lot, and share the knowledge with others of course…

New York sailor, Anthony Pozun, is not just your average guy on the water. While many of us are happy to experience one, two, or maybe even three careers, Anthony has spent a lifetime accumulating knowledge and skills and in turn, passing these gifts on to others. 

With a resume longer than any halyard, Anthony has worked his way through a list of roles, most of which are focused on health and safety instruction and training, both on land and on the water. He is a current Registered Nurse, CPR and First Aid Instructor, a former police Detective and Sergeant, Certified NAUI Scuba Diver and Assistant Instructor, Scoutmaster, Boating Instructor and Volunteer Fireman. With all that in his life it’s a wonder he’s ever found time to go sailing!

Anthony Pozun & Wilson

But sailing is exactly what Anthony does and the reason we are now meeting this busy man. Despite his formative boating years being spent on powerboats Anthony is an experienced yachtsman and has thousands of sea miles under his lifevest. During the past decade alone he has completed 10 solo trips between Northport, Florida, and the Bahamas.

Although his boating life began before he was a teenager, Anthony's sailing life didn’t start until he was 40-years-old when he sailed a borrowed Sunfish across 24 miles of Long Island Sound. However these days, with more than 30,000 miles on his sailing resume Anthony has taken a step back from solo voyages, preferring instead to make crewed deliveries and in his leisure time sail his Catalina C400 Sloop on Long Island Sound. Perhaps right back where he first learned to sail?

And while he’s not out on the water enjoying his own journeys, Anthony shares his time between his commitments to the Northport Yacht Club’s Training Committee, the United States Power Squadrons where is a senior member and Instructor, his work as an RN, and his involvement as a CPR and First Aid Instructor with the American Heart Association. So if you ever find yourself thinking you’re ‘too busy to go sailing’, think again. I’m tired just writing about what this man fits into his schedule!

Plus, take a look at some of the beautiful sunsets you're missing...
Anthony Pozun   Anthony Pozun   Anthony Pozun   Anthony Pozun

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