What are Your Fall Sailing Plans?

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September 22, 2017 by Monica Grant

What are your sailing plans this Fall? It begins today!

Friday, September 22, is the Fall Equinox. Officially, this means summer is over. Unofficially, it means you might get to stretch out your summer of sailing just a little more, depending on where you live. Of course if you live in the southern part of the globe, it means you’re actually heading toward summer rather than away from it. 

At Summer Sailstice it means getting organized for the 2018 sailing celebrations and making sure you all know when that is.

Summer Sailstice 2018 will ‘officially’ be on the weekend of June 23 & 24, which means you have half a year to make your plans. Sounds like a long time doesn’t it? But it’s not. It’s actually only 6 months, and if you take into consideration that between now and June we have a whole bunch of holidays and celebrations to enjoy - Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and of course New Years Eve, the time will pass quicker than you can shout “gybe ho!” Realistically, at least two of the six months will be spent in preparation for the holidays and that means you have at best, 16 weeks to organize your fantastic Summer Sailstice celebrations. 

What to do about it? 

Well, the best advice we can think of is to make your Summer Sailstice 2018 plans now while you’re still fresh and enthusiastic about organizing things, and then sit back and enjoy the not-so-far-off holiday season.

You don’t necessarily need to have all the details in place, just the major ones like, “Yes! We're hosting a Summer Sailstice celebration on the weekend of June 23/24, and it’s going to be our best one yet!’

Here’s an easy three point plan to get you started: 

1. Log in to www.summersailstice.com to renew your participation for 2018. Remember - you have to be registered each year to be eligible for prizes from our sponsors, prize donors, and partners. 

2. Go to www.summersailstice.com/events and add your Plan or Event to our map. - We know that great events are often a work in progress and you can still change the details later. It’s just good to get it listed, so you can share the good news with your family, friends, club members, and community. 

3. Share the news with your family, friends, club members, and community! You can use our pre-written content at www.summersailstice.com/event-organizing-help to create your newsletter or email blast and include the link to your Event’s own individual page. And remember to tell everyone to RSVP on your Event page. In 2017 we gave away prizes for events with the most online RSVPs. You could be one of those winners in 2018!

It’s simple right? 

So save the date June 23 & 24, 2018 and stand up at your next gathering, party, club meet, or however you connect and make sure you get that date on the calendar for 2018. 

Here’s a rundown of what some groups did for Summer Sailstice 2017, and what kind of turn out they received. You might get some ideas!


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