West Marine $250 Gift Certificate Winner Sails Utah Lake

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August 17, 2015 by John A

Scott and Becca Stowers have been participating in Summer Sailstice for several year as members of the Bonneville School of Sailing And Seamanship on Utah Lake in, you guessed it, Utah!  Though this is not the first time they've sailed and celebrated with Summer Sailstice it is the first time they've come up a winner by having their name drawn for the $250 gift certificate from West Marine.  

Scott wrote in to tell us about their weekend celebration, 'This years Summer Sailstice was indeed memorable! We are members of the thriving sailing community based in Provo Utah. We planned to make a social sail Friday evening from the Utah Lake State Marina to Pelican Bay across the lake in Saratoga Springs. The winds were favorable at 12 to 14 knots! Our flotilla reached the bay about dusk, many adorned with strands of colored lights outlining the decks and masts. We overnighted to enjoy a dockside breakfast sampling the offerings of bacon, eggs, and freshly churned chocolate ice cream topped with granola. Does it get any better?! The breeze freshened and we parted friends, setting sail to our several points of adventure for the day! Just between us, let me tell you, there is really great sailing found in the Intermountain West! We'd like to thank you John, The Bonneville School of Sailing and Seamanship, and your generous sponsors for their support of this exceptional annual event!!'

Scott adds, 'My two sons and I have completed the accredited sailing courses and actively attend the winter seminars offered by the School. The School also hosts a Regatta each year in which we have competed and placed second in our class in two of the past three years. We are active in the sailing community which is heavily influenced by the School- to their credit. The owners, Todd and Louise Frye are wonderful people have done a tremendous job in instructing and promoting sailing at Utah Lake.'

'Thank you for your enthusiastic effort in spreading the joy of sailing!'

The skipper and trusty First Mate aboard "Keeling Tyme" captured on our memorable 2015 Sailstice.

Did you know?  From the Bonneville website: Utah Lake can push back with the distinction of being the largest body of fresh water west of the Mississippi, measuring 24 miles long and 13 miles across. Along with Bear Lake, these three bodies of water are the largest remnants of ancient Lake Bonneville, which covered most of Utah and parts of Nevada and Idaho. An unusually shallow lake, Utah Lake averages just 9.4 ft.

One of Summer Sailstice's primary goals is to bring public attention to the simple pleasures of sailing and make all the access points visible so those that get intrigued can find a way to try it.  So we are doubly pleased when  those recently introduced to sailing are also contest winners.  It's clear that Bonneville School of Sailing & Seamanship continuously does a fantastic job of introducing new people to sailing while in the high mountain plateaus.  And, of course, the more you sail and celebrate Summer Sailstice the better chance you have of becoming a winner.  Thanks to West Marine for contributing the $250 gift certificate and congratulations to Scott and Becca sailing on Utah Lake.

A couple of shots from their website and a quote from one of their graduating students:

Hello Bonneville Sailing School,
I just wanted to let you know that I have bought a 38’ Nantucket in San Diego and have already been out sailing in the harbor numerous times. I am Aaron Isaacsen from Salt Lake City, the guy with the long hair and big red truck. You helped me out very much, in realizing that I can do this. “This” being my dream to sail around the planet. I am already doing the “live-aboard” lifestyle and look forward to heading down to Cabo and the Sea of Cortez this coming September. I will keep you posted as to my progress if you wish. Mainly, I would like to say “Thank You” for getting me started and showing me the basics that I needed to know, to start living my dream.  I will never forget you for that. 
Captain Aaron Isaacson
Sharing sailing - the more the merrier.
Lake sailing in Utah can attract a crowd! 


And you can find more on Bonneville's past Summer Sailstice celebrations here and here.

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