T'was the Eve Before Sailstice

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June 21, 2018 by Monica

T’was the eve before Sailstice and all through the world, 

Sailboats lay waiting, their sails tightly furled.

Fuel tanks were full, and water as well, 

For tomorrow they’d be sailing, and the sailboats could tell. 


Spring lines were kept busy as the boats rocked and swayed, 

And fenders were working as they had been all day. 

Captains and crew had been busy as well, 

Bringing onboard provisions, for fair winds and light swell.


Life jackets were laid in the cabins with care, 

And everyone was happy to know they were there.

Jackets were hung along side the hats, 

And glasses and gloves tucked neatly in cracks.


And when the short night time passed and gave way to long day,

The sailboats were ready to cast off and play.

On Captain, on crew, let the mainsail away,

So all may enjoy the long Summer Sailstice day.


Sign up and sail this weekend - June 23/24.

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