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May 1, 2013 by John A

As Summer Sailstice continues to actively connect more people in a celebration of sailing, a critical component becomes helping people without a boat find sailing opportunities. Additionally, people with sailboats that don't get used frequently enough may like to provide access and earn supplemental income by offering their boat to others.  In the new 'share economy', numerous businesses have created a model to do this with vacation homes, cars, guest bedrooms, etc. Now,, has created America's first fully-insured peer-to-peer boat rental marketplace.  Summer Sailstice wants to connect sailors and the option is a terrific new opportunity to do just that. 

As a first step, Cruzin is looking to build an inventory of sailboats with owners interested in sharing them with other sailors for supplemental income.  Summer Sailstice wants to let you be one of the first to give it a try.  We went through the process, signed up our boat and found it all to be relatively easy - though we still need to go get our HIN (Hull Identification Number).

Yes, it's a new idea which might just help you.  For the right people, with the right boat in the right place it could be a win/win to share your boat, offset some costs and make sure your boat is not sitting lonely and idle for too much of the year.  It's a concept that's working with vacation homes, cars and numerous other things these days, so why not for boats?

Jaclyn Baumgarten, Cruzin CEO had this to say, "Cruzin is excited and proud to join forces with Summer Sailstice to help promote the sailing and boating lifestyle.  Both Cruzin and Summer Sailstice help grow sailing by providing easy access to vessels and events. We look forward to reaching out to more sailors and bringing the passion of being out on the water to more people."

As a boater-to-boater™ rental marketplace, Cruzin provides a secure place for boat owners to generate revenue by renting out their boats, while pre-screened boat renters get access to a diverse inventory of boats at affordable rates. At, boating enthusiasts who don't own a boat are matched with current boat owners who want to cover some of the costs of keeping their vessel.

Both owners and renters are covered by $1,000,000 in hull and liability insurance from one of the world's top marine insurers, a world-class AM Best rated A+ (superior) firm. Cruzin works with BoatUS (another Summer Sailstice sponsor) to provide on-water towing services should assistance be needed.

Cruzin is actively seeking beta users. Invitations to join the Cruzin beta site can be requested at, where visitors can learn more about the renting process.  Give it a try and send us some feedback.  Summer Sailstice would like to help connect more sailors to more sailing and we hope becomes the perfect opportunity for you to share your boat or to do more sailing.  

Contact Cruzin, 850 NE 3rd St., Suite 206, Dania Beach, FL 33004. 415-940-8199;,

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