Summer Sailstice Competitions Extended to July 17!

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July 13, 2016 by Monica

This video of the Point Yacht Club in Alabama was sent in by Jody Horner -

'Celebrating Sailstice, Alabama Style' by Jody Horner

They also came up with a Sea Shanty - 

Point Yacht Club 'Sea Shanty Competition' Entry - by Jody Horner


Here's a video sent in by Anna Graham - 

'Sun, Salt, and Sailstice 1' by Anna Michael


Then there's this one from Mark Daggett of Shediac Bay, Cananda - 

Mark Daggett's 'Shediac Bay Summer Sailstice 2016'.


And here's an entry from Evelyn Bauer of the Muncie Sailing Club, Indiana - 

2016 Summer Sailstice 1 min


Got one you want to send in? Get cracking, entries close at midnight on Sunday, July 17.  Email to


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