Southwinds Covers Southeast Sailstice

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June 6, 2018 by John A

Southwinds contributing editor, Dan Dickison, highlighted Summer Sailstice events in the Southeast in the recent June issue of Southwinds magazine. Like the rest of coastal and the lake-filled regions of the country the Southeast is full of harbors, clubs, fleets and sailors. And, like the rest of the US, it's summertime - more daylight, kids out of school and ideal sailing time. Check out the link on the story below to find out about Summer Sailstice 2018 in the Southeast. And check out Southwinds every month to find out what's happening all year long.

Southwinds June issue

The Whole World’s Sailing Summer Sailing in the Palmetto State  

Summer is the heart of the sailing season so it’s no surprisethat from May to September in the Palmetto Statethere are plenty of activities that can get you out on the water. Now, are you ready?

Summer is the sweet season for sailors. In most places around the U.S. it’s game on for sailboats owners. From mid-May to mid-September you can participate in anynumber of organized activities including racing series,youth programs, raft-ups, regattas, rallies and cruises. Andfor nearly two decades, there’s been an annual event in many locations that offers yet another excuse for getting outon the water under sail—the Summer Sailstice...

Southwinds on Sailstice


Click here for the see the rest of the June issue of Southwinds magazine.

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