Serial Solstice Sailors Join Sailstice and Win 2nd Place in Harken Video Competition!

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October 1, 2015 by Monica Grant

Although this was the Conway’s first ‘official’ Summer Sailstice adventure, they always celebrate sailing on both the summer and winter solstices, and during the equinoxes. Having discovered the annual Summer Sailstice celebration at this year’s Strictly Sail Pacific Sailboat Show in San Francisco, the adventurous family decided to celebrate by sailing in Ensenada, which is also where they filmed their prize winning video.

Kate and her husband, Court, had been sailing together since long before they became a family. Early on they must have known something serious was on the horizon, as they bought their first sailboat together just a few weeks after they started dating. 

“It was a Hobie 16 we found in a cow-field in SW Colorado,” Kate said.  

“We sailed it on reservoirs for a couple of years. Just before our son was born, Court said he wanted a seaworthy yacht as a Christmas present. When our kids were old enough, we bought a Catalina 25 and sailed it on reservoirs in Arizona for four years. In July, 2014 we purchased our current boat, a Passport 40 (a seaworthy yacht!). We have kept it at Harbor Island West Marina in San Diego, and at Hotel Coral in Ensenada. We hope to cruise on it when the time is right. For now we sail "Bodhi" at least once a month as a family.”

Although they aren’t affiliated with any particular club right now, Court enjoys crewing with the Arizona Yacht Club, and is looking forward to entering some singlehanded races in the future on the West Coast.

“We love sailing and the sailing community,” Kate said, and adds that it’s an excellent way to “relax, connect and goof around” with their kids Logan (11), and Lily (12).

“They both love taking photographs, reading, preparing food and learning on our sailing adventures.” 

You just need to take a quick look at the Conway’s video clip to see the fun this merry four-man crew has when they’re out on the water. 

Kate says they have met many “friendly and fun folks” through sailing, but would love to see more young families on the water. 

“Our one consistent lament is the small number of younger families with kids out sailing. We would love to see more organizations market to a younger crowd,” Kate added. 

Well, perhaps Summer Sailstice is just the way to do this. Share the Conway’s sailing story and great sailing video with everyone you know, and maybe other families with young children will be encouraged to take to the water and get onboard life’s great sailing-adventure!

Sincere thanks and appreciation go to our Video Competition sponsors and prize donors:

Harken, GoPro, Navionics, Team McLube, US Sailing, Yachting World, Ultimate SailingPirates Lair.



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