Sailors Take to the Bay for San Francisco Fleet Week

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October 9, 2015 by Monica Grant

Considered to be the “largest and most significant” fleet week across the nation, SFFW has been honoring the “contributions of the men and women of the United States Armed Forces” since 1981. Every October the week-long event involves thousands of U.S. Marines and Sailors who join the U.S. Coast Guard and civilian groups in training exercises, which involve humanitarian efforts such as emergency and disaster response and preparedness. This of course is combined with the much-loved public events featuring the parade of ships and the Blue Angels air show.  

San Francisco Fleet Week Executive Director, Lewis Loeven, said, “We all have a different reason to celebrate Fleet Week in San Francisco and are excited for a week dedicated to celebrating our men and women in uniform.” That said, what is your reason to celebrate Fleet Week?  If your answer is because it’s a great opportunity to get out and sail, then we’re with you on that one. 


However, bear in mind that everyone else will be out there for the same reason, which means potentially some boat captains will be looking upwards rather than keeping an eye on the space around them. Add that to the regular passenger ferry and charter boats, along with a large number of official boats, and you have a huge melting pot of vessels maneuvering on the water. 

So while you’re out there enjoying the great weather, the exciting atmosphere, and the Blue Angels’ electrifying air-show, remember to be aware and take care. We want to see you out there sailing again the next day, and of course, in Summer Sailstice 2016!

Got to love it!

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