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May 30, 2016 by John A

On the summer solstice, the first weekend of summer, the sun is high, the days are long, the air warm and school is out.  And, in 2016, there's even a full moon (on Monday).  Wherever, whatever, however - the invitation from Summer Sailstice is for all sailors to share in tribute to sailing by hoisting and setting sail.  Sail in a race, a cruise or daysail.  It's as simple as this: 

Hoist on J/120 'Peregrine'

That aaah moment - just after sails are hoisted, bear away and fill.  The J/120 'Peregrine' hoists - suddenly life is better and a summer of sailing begins!

Previous Sailstice kayak winner, Mark Bewley, will hoist with the family on their Hobie Tandem Island for the 2016 Sailstice on the Cape Lookout National Seashore.

The Geography of Sailing

For just this one weekend all sailors can unite to pay tribute and share the world of sailing by putting their club event, regatta or individual sailing plans on the map.  Exploring the world of Summer Sailstice is a window into the life of sailing from schooners on the coast of Maine to windsurfing on the California delta.  How else would we have known about sailing on Lake Ouchita in Arkansas or Dragon sailing in Germany. Imagine the Nahant Dory Club sailing with the Lake Lanier YC Reggae Regatta in Georgia.  It's a spectacular glimpse of the brilliant sailing life.  Foiling kites to wooden ships, sailing is almost impossible to describe but, with every sailor contributing on this one weekend, all of sailing comes to life.

There's a place on this map to put your sailboat, your yacht club, your one-design regatta and all of our sailing plans.  Help the world discover who, how, what and where people sail.

Don't let this happen to you:

It's summertime, 15 knots of breeze, blue skies, air temp is 78 degrees but mainsail ties are still tightly wrapped and sail covers on?

It's sad but true.  Too many boats sit idle, tugging at their dock lines on some of the most beautiful days of the year.  A family wedding or graduation is a possible reason not to sail but, really, the conditions are perfect so everyone will understand.  Right?  We don't get to many summers and sailors and sailboats weren't created to sit at the dock.

Your contribution to creating a global celebration is simple - make sure your boat/fleet/sailing friends are on the map and then go out and hoist those sails on the first weekend of summer.  Like the American holiday of Thanksgiving, it's everyone's opportunity to give thanks and bring the sailing 'family' together in celebration.

Leave it in the shed

The first weekend of summer is no time to be mowing the lawn!  Family memories come from time on the water.

Hoist sails on whatever you have, wherever you are to take your friends and family sailing.  The lawn can wait and, we hate to say it, Labor Day will be arriving before you know it.  . 



Grab your friends, your family, your neighbors - sign up and start your summer sailing on Summer Sailstice!

No Boat? No Problem:

Almost no boats are sailed alone so there are endless opportunities to crew on other people's boats.  If you don't have ready access you could at the GoSailing app to your phone or go to our Crew Connection page to find a community sailing programs, a crew list or numerous other ways to get on the water under sail.  You really shouldn't waste another summer weekend ashore!

Not signed up yet?  Sign up here. 


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