North Carolina: new home of the GoSun Stove Prize

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July 22, 2015 by Monica Grant

Paul is the lucky winner of the GoSun Stove, supplied by GoSun Stoves, and Ship's Store in Sausalito.

Paul, a member of the Blackbeard Sailing Club, and his friend Dan set sail from Fairfield Harbor on Paul's Catalina 30 'Bound to Happen', and headed to New Bern, where they enjoyed lunch at their favorite waterfront restaurant, Persimmons. Apparently Dan is new to sailing and "was nervous about docking at the restaurant with people watching while eating their lunch." But this guy is from Texas, and as such he managed to wow the crowd instead when he "lassoed the dock post" making both himself and Paul look like a couple of old hands. 

Paul's wife Laura and their two boys joined them for lunch, after which the boys, Miles and Heath, joined their dad and Dan for the sail back to Fairfield Harbor. However, as they were getting ready to depart a quick and intense storm cell came through. And what do four sailors do while waiting for a storm to pass?  "...we walked over to the Galley Store and Marina for a popsicle..." 

That's when they were lucky enough to catch this great shot of Persimmons with a double rainbow over the top:

When the storm had passed the merry crew sailed back in light winds and had to start the motor for the final leg of the short trip.

Paul says, "This year has been great for sailing because my boys are finally getting to an age where they can participate and move about on the boat without constant assistance. My oldest can even hold a course while I set the sails and relate how the chart-plotter indicates our position. I look forward to future adventures and family boat outings with friends and family."

 Well Paul, looks like you all had a great day! Maybe next year the boys can crew for you.

Oh, and next time you'll be able to cook up your own feast onboard! 

By the way, we're all hungry now and looking forward to our lunch invitations!

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