Marion, MA to Bermuda Race: A perfect way to celebrate the Sailstice

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July 23, 2015 by Sarah Arndt

Multiple sailors celebrated this year's Summer Sailstice by particpating in the Marion, MA to Bermuda Race. Beginning in 1977, "the spirit of the race is that all yachts and crew are participating for the joy and pleasure of sailing, competition, and the camaraderie that accompanies such an off-shore event. The race provides an opportunity for cruising yachts and amateur crews to participate in an ocean race and a rendezvous in Bermuda. It encourages the development of blue water sailing skills on seaworthy yachts that can be handled safely offshore with limited crew." 

The Marion, MA to Bermuda Race is the perfect way to celebrate the Sailstice as it aligns with our goals of building camraderie, celebrating the diversity of sailors and sailing opportunities, and engaging new/emerging sailors. 

For example, Mike Crawford, a Sailstice particpant and first-time Marion-Bermuda entrant. Crawford may not have won a first place in the race, but we think he won in lots of other ways: accomplishing life goals, sailing with family and friends, and winning a "Swag Pack" of America's Cup Gear from our Summer Sailstice Prize pile. Crawford celebrated the Sailstice by checking an important adventure off the bucket list - sailing his own boat to Bermuda and back. He entered the 2015 Marion to Bermuda Race with Bacchanal, his 2000 Hunter 380. 

“I had spent several years upgrading her, sailed in the Marblehead to Halifax Race in 2013 and sailed on other people’s boats to and from Bermuda to gain experience.” Mike’s eldest daughter, Kelly, joined him as Navigator and the 3 other crewmembers had sailed with him for several years.  


Bacchanal Race Crew: Dave Holbrook, Maura, McLaughlin, Sandy Curtis, Kelly Crawford (Navigator), Mike Crawford (Skipper)

“Even though we finished last, that was better than 6 other boats that retired for various reasons and we arrived safely in Bermuda to my wife and return crew cheering us on from the dock at the Royal Hamilton Amateur Dinghy Club.  We spent 4 nights at RHADC before departing for Gloucester, MA.  The trip each way was about 6 days.”

For another Sailstice celebrator and Marion-Bermuda participant, look no farther than Barabra Kleefeld and Capt Ted Geiger on Que Sera Sera. "We were in the Atlantic during the Sailstice - I won a Mount Gay burgee and we flew it. We hit storm Bill with 40kt gusts and 30 kt continuous winds for over a day. We made it to Bermuda on the 25th and were back to CT by the 2nd of July!" 

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