Keyport Yacht Club's Sailstice Event Honored by Town

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June 27, 2017 by Monica

The town of Keyport showed their appreciation for the Keyport Yacht Club's efforts to promote sailing to the public by giving their Summer Sailstice event an official name: 
"Keyport Yacht Club Day".

This is the first time Keyport Yacht Club has joined with Summer Sailstice to host an event and introduce sailing to the public.  KYC's 'Summer Sailstice Open House' was created to invite everyone to 'Tour the Club, Visit a Sailboat, Learn About Sailing'.  

The day-long event included activities such as 'Introduction to Sailing', 'Adult Sailing Lessons' and the confidence building, 'Kids Sailing School', 'Sailboat Racing', and tours of the club's fleet. They even demonstrated how Oysters can clean the waters!

Organizer Jess Gregory and her crew clearly created quite the event, complete with a brand new, 14 foot-long banner to highlight their 'Open House' and their involvment with Summer Sailstice.

Club members Jess Gregory, Angie Mustra, Ruth Torphy and Tony Torphy proudly show-off the new banner. 
Photo by Christine Findlay.

Now all we need is photos of the day! Stay tuned as we bring you more...

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