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October 26, 2015 by John A

One of the common themes in conversations about growing participation in sailing is 'how do we keep sailing simple?'  It's actually always been simple but perhaps something we've managed to complicate in our endless quest for the ultimate sailboat and day of sailing.  But your goal is not the world's fastest, most efficient sail but rather a pleasant afternoon with family and friends there's almost nothing simpler than an afternoon sail.

We came across the Pleasant Bay Community Boating site as one more example of the beauty of keeping it simple and provides a reminder of all that's needed to make sailing fun for all.  Here's what we saw on the site - classic, simple, inexpensive boats sailing with enthusiastic instructors and happy kids.  Just the basics keeps sailing accessible, affordable, simple and fun.  Pleasant Bay Community Boating on Cape Cod looks like they're doing it right. 

Any reason kids wouldn't want to spend their summer in this picture?  Wouldn't you?

And it's always inspiring to hear a few words from enthusiastic instructors.  Read some quotes from their recent summer instructors:

'I enjoy my time at PBCB because I like getting the chance to share my love for the lifetime activity of sailing.'

'I am so excited to be teaching at Pleasent Bay Community Boating! Happy Sailing!'

'When I graduated high school, I bought myself a used sunfish and repaired and refurbished it. Sailing my sunfish is one of my favorite things to do;.......I believe sailing is the best way to spend a summer on the Cape, and I am very excited to be teaching others!'

'I am excited for my first summer at PBCB and cannot wait to start teaching others how truly amazing sailing can be!'

'I am excited to start another summer at PBCB and cannot wait to start teaching kids and adults the pleasures of sailing.'

With instructors like these it's not hard to see why kids wouldn't have a great time sailing at Pleasant Bay Community Boating.  Checking their calendar it looks like their season starts the end of June so we'll be hoping they can join us on June 18/19, 2016 - even if it's just the launch the boats weekend!


Simple boats, inspired instructors - a simple recipe for fun.


Ok, who wants to go sailing with Pleasant Bay Community Boating next summer?


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