How Good was the Summer Sailstice Weekend?

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June 26, 2018 by Monica

Summer Sailstice 2018 was a huge success with sailors and sailboats far and wide taking to the water to celebrate this year's summer of sailing. We're already seeing fun photos from the weekend and want to share some of them with you.

Jody Horner and the crew at Point Yacht Club in Josephine, Alabama had a great time at their annual "Sail to the Beach". And this time they had some help from 'Salty Dog' who worked hard to dig holes for the flagpole and umbrellas.
Point Yacht Club   Salty Dog

Don took his son and two grandsons sailing on Big Lagoon in Humboldt County, Ca.  Everyone had a great time, and the grandsons especially once they learned that Don's Sam Rabl named "Titmouse" wouldn't be racing along like the nearby Hobie Cats. "It was the first time out for them and they had a blast, although they both wanted more speed. When I explained that then we wouldn't be able to troll a lure, it was acceptable." 
Don Furber

Sue D. had the right kind of reach aboard 'Grrrrr' while cruising in Lower Tampa Bay, FL.
"Don’t reach for a beer,
Reach With a beer on Summer Sailstice!"

Sue D

Encinal Yacht Club in Alameda, CA had a huge turn out for their annual Summer Sailstice celebration. Visitors, club members, friends and guests all enjoyed a day of sailing, boat building (from cardboard no less!), demonstrations, music and fun!
Encinal Yacht Club   Encinal Yacht Club Boat Building Alma at Encinal Yacht Club

Melanie Klass from Back Bay Sailing Adventures sent us a round up of their first annual 'Jaws in June Summer Sailstice' - Cinema on the sheet.
Would you float on the water while watching JAWS, in the dark?!
"Great weekend of sailing and floating with friends. We started out with a sail from Arnica Bay to Ingram's Bayou. Capt. Ron Friday night and JAWS Saturday evening. Each boat did themed snacks, Jawsatizers and Chum-tinins. Fun had by all floaters."
Back Bay Sailing Adventures Back Bay Sailing Adventures
Back Bay Sailing Adventures

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