How do you Winter Solstice aboard your boat?

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December 19, 2018 by Monica Grant

For sailors in the northern hemisphere it's wonderful to know that the coming Solstice will bring with it the promise of longer days, shorter nights and an abundance of warmth. However there are still a couple of months of cold weather to endure before the sun once again sends its warm rays to nestle in the arms of the freshly unfurled sails. 

Conversely, sailors in the southern hemisphere are in the throes of summer-sailing and probably have all the warmth anyone could possibly want. Temperatures will range from around 86 °F (on a cool day) and, depending on where you are, will easily surpass 100 °F. Sounds geat doesn't it? Unfortunately the warm sunny days in the southern hemisphere don't help keep the northern sailors warm, particulary those who are brave enough to spend winter aboard their boat. 

Summer Sailstice sponsor, SpinSheet Magazine recently published a story by Cindy Wallach, who together with her husband (and later their kids), has spent 19 of the past 20 winters living aboard their sailboat, and learning how to keep warm in America's snowy northeast.

'Even with shrink wrap, nights get cold aboard in winter.'

Winter Life Aboard - SpinSheet Magazine
Non-skid boots or webs over regular boots provide extra traction on snowy docks. Photo by Cindy Wallach

'Sometimes whatever heating you have on board just doesn’t keep up.' 

Cindy says lots of baking and mulled wine are helpful, but she also has loads of other great tips. 

'We often end up sharing beds in winter with our kids and dog just for the body heat.' 

Read the full story to learn more about sailboat life under winter-wraps...


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