Have you Added your Plan for the 19th Annual Summer Sailstice?

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December 3, 2018 by Monica Grant

Have you Added your Plan for the 19th Annual Summer Sailstice?

We're excited to see the 2019 Plans and Events that are being added to the Sailstice, global-celebration map and want to share some of them with you. If you're stuck for ideas or just haven't got around to organizing your 2019 celebration, hopefully you can draw some inspiration from what other sailors are putting together. After all, it's not hard to celebrate Summer Sailstice, you just need to go sailing. And if for some unfortunate reason you can't actually go out 'sailing' on the weekend of June 22 & 23, perhaps instead you can just 'mess about' in a sailboat. Maybe the boat needs painting, a little sanding, some polishing or dusting, or maybe it just needs you to get onboard and open a nice cool beverage and enjoy the fact that you are on a sailboat. 

As someone once said, "...there is nothing — absolutely nothing — half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats." That someone is of course, Rat, who in Kenneth Grahame's famous book, Wind in the Willows spoke these very true words while rowing up the river with his friend, Mole. (We realize that at the time they were rowing, not sailing, but at least they weren't motoring, right?)
Wind in the Willows

Either way, to get you thinking, here are a few plans and events that have been added to the Summer Sailstice sailing map for 2019:

Julien is planing to simply 'sail around until it's time to party'. With hors d'oeuvres and cocktails at sunset, and the possibility of  grass skirts and coconut bras, it sounds like Maynadier Creek Annapolis , MD will be the place to be, and Sailing Chavurah the best way to get there!
Sailing Chavurah Sailstice Raft up

Lake Canyon Yacht Club's, Pluckers and Pirates will again be making their appearance at the annual Summer Sailstice celebration. This will be the gang's 6th celebration and they'll be partying in style: pot luck buffet, cool libations, plenty of Buffett tunes and of course lots of sailing, and with a bit of luck, 'a HUGE Raft-up' - though perhaps not quite as bit as the one pictured above.

Roger will be joining ASA's San Juan and Vancouver Islands Flotilla and he'll be underway for a week! Lucky guy...
Victoria Inner Harbor

Dave is looking forward to being in the midst of a cruise downeast to the offshore islands of Maine, and towing his small sailboat for harbor sails after each passage. Best of both worlds, big and small!
Dave Tew

Sun Powered Yachts is taking the whole family to Greece, to enjoy their weeks with Dream Yacht Charter's Corfu Base.
Sun Powered Yachts

And if you're planing to spend your summer, or part of it in Tahoe, check out Tahoe Yacht Club. They're hosting the Trans Tahoe Regatta 2019, and you're invited. Get the details on their Summer Sailstice event page. This classic regatta has been running since 1963 and hosts yachts from as far away as San Diego, CA and Seattle, Washington.
Trans Tahoe Regatta

Inspired yet? We are, and we can't wait to see what you come up with. Make your plans, find a photo and add them both to the Summer Sailstice map. Then remember to invite all your family and friends, your club, fleet or association, and get out on the water on June 22/23, 2019 for the greatest sailing celebration afloat - Summer Sailstice!


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