Hampton YC Adjusts the Sails

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July 17, 2016 by John A

Did we really learn this from Dolly Parton? A common life lesson from sailing is how we can't change the wind but can only adjust our sails.  Just to get the quote right we searched 'BrainyQuote.com' for the exact wording and found this quote attributed to, of all people, Dolly Parton: 'We cannot direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails.'   Regardless of whether we learned this life lesson from Dolly or from our own experiences on the high seas it's a common understanding amongst sailors.

So it is with Summer Sailstice celebrations.  You make plans to go sailing, find the right protected anchorage, visions of breathtaking sunsets over sparkling water and suddenly you hear the voice of Dolly in your head telling you to adjust your sails.  So it was with the Hampton Yacht Club in Virginia where Mary Greblunas and crew had organized another fabulous cruise to celebrate sailing until the weather made other plans.  No worrry.  They adjusted sails and celebrated  right at the dock.  

Here's a quick outline along with a 'flow chart' of the subsequent progressive dinner party.    

This year’s Summer Sailstice plan was to anchor in Willoughby Bay for a progressive dinner, but due to the weather we had to move it to Hampton Yacht Club (which is the home port for most of the boats). Flight Risk sailed over, we used the new gazebo for cocktails & appetizers, Elnath used the flag deck and Summer Wine borrowed a boat. Below is the flowchart for the progressive dinner. Everyone started together with cocktail & appetizers and got their assignments for the rest of the dinner. Unless you are hosting, the captain was not with their first mate. We had delicious food & drinks along with great conversation. Next year’s Summer Sailstice Progressive Dinner will be on June 24, 2017.

The Hampton Yacht Club is a very active club of racers, cruisers, juniors and folks who love sailing the Southern Chesapeake and beyond.  When the weather doesn't cooperate for sailiong at least the spirit of sailing survives in many different forms.  Cheers to another great season of sailing at Hampton YC.

A progressive dinner aboard surly beats more time ashore.  

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