Excited Sunsail BVI Charter Winners Hail from Lake Michigan

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August 19, 2015 by Monica

Summing up their plans for the Sunsail Yacht Charter Terry said, “The great thing about the BVI is that there are more islands to see than we managed last time, so we’re looking forward to getting out to see some of those.”

Terry and Allison are regular Summer Sailstice sailors and enjoyed this year's celebration in the company of their fellow sailors and friends at the Sheridan Shore Yacht Club at Wilmette Harbor, Lake Michigan. The “lively and active club” as Terry calls it, ususally celebrates Summer Sailstice with a pot-luck dinner and sunset sail on the lake. This year the weather produced a tremendous afternoon rainstorm which reduced their boat numbers somewhat, though it didn’t deter the 30 plus people enjoying their pot-luck dinner and drinks on the deck while cheering on the hardy sailors who decided to brave the oncoming weather. Having experienced stormy weather for the past couple of Sailstice celebrations, the merry folk of the Sheridan Shore YC would be forgiven for renaming the event Summer ‘Rainstice’. 

Both Terry and Allison are avid sailors and bought their first sailboat in 1999, an 18’ Arrow day-sailer which Terry says is unique to Wilmette Harbor. Keeping with the local theme, these days the couple race every weekend in their 24’ Dolphin, ‘Kestrel’, which is part of what is recognized as the country’s largest assembled Dolphin fleet. Not surprisingly then, the Canades are never short of people to sail with and race against. And while Terry is this year’s Fleet Captain, Allison, who has been sailing most of her life, is usually found at the helm of ‘Kestrel’ racing on the beautiful waters of Lake Michigan. 

“It’s a great atmosphere for sailing,” Terry adds. 

Although they occasionally overnight on their 24’Dolphin, the couple is looking forward to finalizing plans for their charter aboard a 40’ monohull courtesy of Sunsail Yacht Charters.  

When asked his thoughts on Summer Sailstice and sailing in general Terry relaxes into what I imagine is a dreamy smile, “I’m so glad to be a part of anything that promotes sailing,” he said. 

“I love that we can move about on large bodies of water without guzzling fossil fuels and making lots of noise.”

Sums it up nicely we think!  Not to mention the hours of fresh air, and camaraderie with family and friends.

Stay tuned as we bring you the next episode of “Terry and Allison Sail the BVI”  - presuming of course they’re not too busy enjoying the tropical life to take some happy snaps for us “ordinary folk” back home. :)

Though while you're waiting, read about the Sheridan Shore Yacht Club's Summer Sailstice event from last year: http://www.summersailstice.com/article/wilmette-dolphin-fleet-lake-michigan

Our sincere thanks and appreciation go to Sunsail Yacht Charters for their generous and ongoing support of Summer Sailstice and the Global Sailing Community!


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