El Toros, Drones and Chariots of Fire

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July 16, 2015 by Hannah A

On the beautiful waters of Clear Lake, a natural, freshwater lake in Northern California, the El Toro International Yacht Racing Association celebrated the Sailstice with their annual El Toro Regional Championships. The Regatta had 19 boats sailing in six races. We send our congratulations to the top finishers, Art Lange (first), Paul Tara (second), and Fred Paxton (third). 

While we love sailing, we also love great documentation of it. That's why we wanted to give a mad shout out to Chris Twirbutt for his awesome aerial video of the Regatta using a drone. If you’re interested in some sweeping shots of the mighty El Toro’s zipping around Clear Lake, you should check out this video. Not to mention its choice of music – what makes sailing more epic than the Chariots of Fire theme song?

El Toro Clear Lake Regional from Chris Twirbutt on Vimeo.

You can see the full race results here and make sure to check out the El Toro International Yacht Racing Association website for more information on the El Toro class.

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