Celebrate Summer Sailstice with Cape Hatteras Marine!

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May 6, 2016 by Monica

Cape Hatteras Marine, who are donating 5 x Personalized Boarding Mats for Sailstice sailors, won't be "celebrating sailing" on the water this year. Instead, they're inviting you to visit their booth at the San Diego Boat Show. Meanwhile, here's a little insight into the sailing-life of Cape Hatteras Marine’s sales and marketing manager, David Dudgeon who began his sailing life in his late teens when he took a job with Torresen Marine in Michigan.

I first learned to sail on Muskegon Lake, which flows into Lake Michigan. I was working for Torreson, they were the premier sailboat people. I did repairs, rigging and refits. That’s where the passion began.'

This passion, as David calls it, was further ignited when he crossed Lake Michigan from Muskegon to Milwaukee on a 32’ Allied Seawind Ketch, to attend the renowned 11-day music festival, Summerfest.

‘It was an 80-mile sail. We motored a lot on the way over, but on the way back we had big waves, big wind. The Seawind was just slicing through. I was hooked.

David’s first boat was a 22’ Catalina which he sailed frequently on Muskegon Lake. However his sailing career includes many adventures, such as sailing with friends Bob Bitchin and Jody Lipkin from Cruising Outpost aboard their boat, "Lost Soul", and a memorable voyage during the Salty Dawg Rally aboard a 54’ Hylas. 

We set out in a storm,’ David said, ‘many boats were lost or damaged. Fortunately our boat’s heavy keel and our captain’s good seamanship kept us going.’

Weathering the storm might mean the end of open-water sailing for some, but David is quite the opposite and considers this one of the great things about sailing.

It’s a building of confidence. To overcome those things builds a better person, and a better sailor.’

David with Bob and Jody aboard "Lost Soul." (Any guesses who's who?)

David is quite candid in his views on sailing and says he likes being in the open air and going places and having ‘time to think and dream.’

You’re never as close to God as when you’re out there by yourself,’ he adds. ‘It’s where the experiences of the unknown come alive.’

After talking with David, it seems obvious that his work with Cape Hatteras Marine is a natural step for the man who began his career working on sailboats, and has now ‘come full circle’ in his role as the company’s Sales and Marketing Manager. This role has also given David the opportunity to involve the company with several well known sailing events. 

We have sponsored many groups and events around the country.  Currently, Voyage into Healing, Summer Sailstice, Cruising Outpost Parties, Big Dog/ Fat Cat Fishing Tournament.’

So what is David doing to celebrate this year’s Summer Sailstice?

We have a booth at the San Diego Boat show June 16-19  So I will be working, but I’d like to invite everyone to stop down and see me at the show. Anyone that comes to the booth and places an order on June 18th will receive a free gift. Just mention “Summer Sailstice”.’

So if you happen to be on dry land, and in San Diego on Saturday, June 18, pop in and see David, and help him celebrate Summer Sailstice while you check out all the great gear from Cape Hatteras Marine. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed!

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