Ain't Sailing Great...

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November 6, 2019 by Monica

Lake Delta Yacht Club's 2019 Summer Sailstice celebration  -

Cropped from Carol Ringdahl's original photo below:


Sailing doesn't always have to be active, just ask the crew from Sooke Sailing Association.
Thanks to Gord Fulcher for this fun photo -


Chesapeake Region Accessible Boating's (CRAB) Summer Sailstice celebration was a huge success with more than 60 local community members taking to the water — many who have never been on a sailboat.
Thanks to Paul Bollinger Jr. for great photos of the event -


Take me back to the lazy days of summer! Thanks Jodi Horner for this sunny view of Point Yacht Club's 2019 Summer Sailstice -


The sun may have set on summer but we're already planning for 2020 — the 2oth Anniversary Celebration of Sailing.
Thanks to Mary Greblunas from HYC & BBSA (Hampton Yacht Club & Broad Bay Sailing Association) for the beautiful sunset -


We're looking forward to celebrating with you on June 20, 2020

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