26 Reasons to Love Sailing

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February 10, 2014 by John A

Alistair Murray, CEO of marine hardware manufacturer Ronstan, recently sent out a company newsletter including a list of about 26 reasons to love sailing.  We'd have to agree with every one of them.  If you have your own add them in the comment section below.  Alistair's list:

So, what is great about sailing?

My top 26 (or so!):

- It is always an Adventure, whether participating in adrenaline filled racing or being independent in a quiet cove.
- It is Beautiful in every respect; boats, places and people.
- Craftsmanship skills are developed; it is a hands on activity.
- People with Disabilities can sail .... and win gold medals even.
- It is Environmentally friendly.
- Fresh air, Freedom, Families and Fun. Yes, I overdid it a bit with the F words!
- Generations can sail together, including grand parents and grand children.
- Humility. Nature is more powerful than we are.
- It is Inexpensive if you want it to be. Of course if you fund an America’s Cup campaign it might not be.
- It is Joyful.
- You develop your Knowledge of such topics as weather, navigation, charts, compasses, tactics, practical skills, etc, etc.
- You develop Leadership skills.
- It tests you Mentally; a thinking person’s game with a lot of strategy.
- You meet New and interesting people, all the time.
- Organisations are there to support you, such as yacht clubs.
- It is Physical. Great exercise.
- You spend Quality time with family and friends.
- You can go Racing, or cruising, or whatever.
- It is Safe. I have had a lot more injuries bike riding than sailing!
- It Takes you outside your comfort zone. We all need that.
- You Unwind, relax, recharge your batteries.
- There is such a Variety of boats, places, people, ages, skill levels.
- It opens up the World to you.
- It has that X factor!
- Young kids can do it .... and old kids.
- Zzzzzzzzz. You enjoy a great sleep after a big day on the water!

Of course we'd like to add 'celebrating sailing on Summer Sailstice with the rest of the world!'.  What can you add?  Add in 'comments' below.

The kids have fun all piling on Alistair's Tasar!  (AUS stands for 'Almost US')

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You become a part of the whole, connecting to people places and things. You gain a deeper love for this planet we call home.

While sailing, your sailboat becomes a TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimension In Space, AKA, Dr. Who's) vehicle, carrying your companions through history, past modern society, through waters navigated by generations of explorers, and into wildlife habitat environments in their natural state...

Because when you're out sailing, whether in a race or just cruising, all the joys and cares of the world have been left on shore....and your only care is will the wind blow and from where.......

When I'm underway, the cell phone is in the cabin - I'm 'alone' and can't be reached - - - until I want to be found! The ability to get where I'm going depends on my sailing skills and equipment readiness. And when I reach my destination, the feeling of satisfaction is truly rewarding.

Wishing you 'fair winds and following seas'
- Capn ERyc.
Check this cruising guide out- https://activecaptain.com/index.php

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