Have A Holopuni Day

Our Holopuni Canoes Fleet is now spread through out the Hawaiian Islands. Also on the West and East Coasts of USA, Tahiti, Australia, New Zealand and Europe.

This year the Holopuni Canoes will join together for the Summer Sailstice by all being out on the water, in their home area, and having A Holopuni Summer Sailstice Day.

We’ll be having A Holopuni Day no matter where we are knowing we are linked by the seas we sail on.

We’ll follow up by taking and sharing pictures of our beautiful Holopuni Canoes in action.




12:00am, Saturday June 22nd, 2019
Having A Holopuni Day
Hanalei Bay
, 96714 Hanalei , HI
United States
22° 12' 32.6808" N, 159° 30' 24.3288" W
Hawaii US

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